Go STL Panthers!
Strength Through Community

Registration for the Basketball and Cheerleading Team will be opening soon.
For more information, you can contact Ms. Irene Mckinney-Roscoe at (314) 479-3038.

Sports-Focused Youth Organization in Florissant, MO

STL Panthers is dedicated to cultivating minds and paving a path to success for our youth in Florissant, MO. Through Football and Cheerleading, we help children stay active, develop life skills, build self-esteem, and make friends. Adolescence is a difficult stage of life, but our non-profit youth organization believes that with enough support and opportunity, every child will succeed.

Football Team

Bringing People Together

Friendship and fellowship are two factors that play a key part in a child’s life. By being a part of a community, children receive moral support, learn emotional intelligence, and develop social skills that are needed in all areas of life. When we founded our youth organization, we knew that Football and Cheerleading would help youth find the camaraderie they need. When your child joins our team, they’ll be supported by like-minded individuals who will keep them spirited and happy.

Our Programs

Staying Active

STL Panthers will keep your child moving. Football or Cheerleading will not only build fellowship and trust in your child, but it will also keep your child active. Sports have many health benefits and can improve speed, agility, coordination, and endurance. Keeping children healthy and happy is a major objective of our youth organization; we’ll encourage your child to make the best decisions for their body and mind.

Building Brighter Futures

Many children don’t receive the opportunities they deserve. Our youth organization is determined to help every child build a better future. Whether your child joins our Cheerleading or Football team, they’ll learn how to work in a team, about teamwork, why discipline is important, how to maintain a positive outlook, and how to develop the skills needed to be a leader. By acquiring these life skills, they’ll be prepared to overcome any obstacle and triumph.

Become a Panther

STL Panthers is accepting new members. Open a new door for your child and call our organization today for more information about registration.