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Strength Through Community

Registration will be Monday, June 29th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Bella Fontaine West Park.
There are absolutely no refunds at the time of registration.

Learn More About Our Youth Organization in Florissant, MO

Your child’s future matters to STL Panthers. Located in Florissant, MO, our non-profit youth organization offers an opportunity for children to get together as a community to compete, learn new skills, and build confidence. Through Football or Cheerleading, your child will have fun while staying healthy and making long-lasting friendships. Learn more about the powerful minds behind our youth-focused organization below.

Meet Our President

Irene Mckinney-Roscoe is the owner and president of our youth organization. Working with children has always been Irene’s passion, and she’s dedicated many years to helping children succeed. Irene believes that every child deserves a future filled with prosperity and joy, and she always goes the extra mile to help her team. By showing young women and men how to lead, Irene fosters the idea that children can be whatever they want to be in the future, as long as they believe in themselves.

Contact Information: (314) 479-3038
Email: irenemckinney@ymail.com

Board Members

Jamel Jones - General Manager
(314) 602-9244

I love helping others in the community. I met the Panthers through my nephews and niece. I joined the STL Panthers after observing them for 2 years. I was initially there as support for my nephews and niece and eventually I asked Ms. Irene if she needed my assistance on any tasks. She graciously responded “if I could bring snacks for the kids as nourishment for after practice that would be awesome”. Immediately I began to make sure she had the help she needed including all necessary paperwork for the entire organization according to league requirements. Not too long into the organization, I was voted as the General Manager. I would say I have not regretted joining the STL Panthers and I will be with them to the end. Wakanda Forever!

Ms. Bev - Assistant General Manager & Secretary
(314) 495-2745

Hello Everyone! I hold the position as the Administrative Assistant for the STL Panthers Youth Football Organization I believe in paying it forward as God has blessed me! I am a mother of 4 wonderful children and grandmother of 6, one of which is my grandson who is a Panther player. I received my degree as a Paralegal and I am employed at a metropolitan law firm. I observed Ms. Irene as well as the wonderful Coaches implementing coral values of respect, accountability, teamwork and leadership skills in the youth and was elated when I was asked to become a member of the Panther Organization. My belief is when we as a society give back to our youth it is returned to us in full fold as they are our future.

Cheerleading Team

Coach Meka - Head Cheerleader Coach
(314) 265-0893  

I’m a down south girl who has a passion for the sport of cheerleading. My cheer experience starts every since KG throughout my Senior Year including competitively. My hopes are to partner with parents to mold the young girls into respectful and responsible young adults. Let’s go Panthers!!!

Coach Remy - Assistant Head Cheerleader Coach
(314) 443-6156 

Hi! I’m Coach Remy of the Panthers Cheer Team. I have been a Certified Cheer Coach for 6 years and I enjoy teaching our youth both Traditional, Stomp and Shake it Cheers. I am also a 4th Grade Teacher as well a Certified Cheer Coach for Meadows Elementary. I began my cheerleading journey as early as Junior High School. I was a “Mighty Cowboy” in 9th grade and then I joined a dance team called “Triple Threat”. In 2019, we the Panther Cheerleaders won five (5) competitions in which we received trophies for 1st and 2nd place for our amazing cheer ability. Over my years of learning, I have now found a hobby that I enjoy and wish to continue for many more years to come. We are looking forward to having your youth join our organization as we strive to compete in more competitions this upcoming season. 

Coach Peaches - Cheerleader Coach
(314) 323-7215

My name is Terrickia Manns and I am one amongst 2 other Cheerleader Coaches. I am 27 years young and enjoy being a big kid, sounds pretty awesome right! I am looking forward to a fun-filled season where the kids will learn and improve their skills as well as teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.


Football Coaches

Coach Roscoe
Co-President/ 7/8 Football Coach
(314) 922-4403 

Hey What’s Up? Everyone calls me Roscoe. I bring a lifetime of football experience to the STL Panthers starting from the sandlot to becoming a Division. I was an athlete ending my time on the field with the Cedar Valley Vikings where I was selected to 1st Team All American for the AFA Semi-Pro. I now co-own the STL Panthers Den with my amazing friend/wife “Ms. Irene”. We promote strong family oriented values to each athlete that come in contact with the Den. Education comes way before athletics. I believe in discipline but also teaching the athlete how to make better decisions. I believe that through athletics, you can develop the concept of teamwork, leadership, accountability, and most of all build their social skills.

Coach Ashley - Football Coach
(314) 398-0094 

My name is Coach Ashley. I am the only female Football Coach for the Panthers with a vast knowledge of the sport. I believe in encouraging and motivating students/athletes with an emphasis on student. I am also a woman trying to dominate a man sport.

Coach Joker - 9/10 Football Coach
11/12 Football Coach

(314) 755-2028 

Hello, my name is James, they call me Coach Mack. I love the sport of football and I also played from age 5 to 21. I played Semipro Football for 2 years with Cedar Valley Vikings... My position on the team was the center and lineman. I love this sport, it’s my passion.

Coach Wes - 11/12 Football Coach
(314) 930-0383

I been coaching the Panthers for 2yrs. I am an all-around great guy where sports is my life. Growing up, I played basketball, softball and football. I love teaching the kids how to learn and love the game and how it is supposed to be played to get respect and to be respected.

Coach Saddler - 7/8 Football Coach
(314) 319-9539

Tyler is a graduate of Harris Stowe University and is currently employed by the Riverview Gardens School District. At Meadows Elementary, Tyler takes on many roles in the school including long term substitute, teachers assistant, basketball coach, and is a mentor to many students. His skills both as a coach and as a mentor are visible on the basketball court and in his relationships at Meadows. He looks forward to coaching the Panthers football team and helping a new group of kids succeed.

Coach John - 5/6 Football Coach
(314) 484-2700

I’m a Marine War Vet and attended Southeast Missouri State University. I’ve played football at most levels including JFL, High School, and Marine Corp Team... I’ve been coaching for about 12 yrs...I have coached Football, Flag Football, Soccer- indoor and outdoors, and Basketball.... I’m big on teaching fundamentals and playing smart... Love to laugh and have a great time. I’m looking forward to this upcoming season and can’t wait to meet these future Panthers.

Coach Justin - 13/14 Football Coach
(636) 448-7444

Hi, my name is Justin and I am excited to start my first year with the Panthers. I played Football for ten years and was born a Packers fan. I’m excited to teach your kids the meaning of hard work.

Coach Terron - 5/6 Football Coach
(314) 326-3211

I played 4 years of Varsity Football at Carnahan High School of the Future. I coached 1 year in Kirkwood for the Cardinals. I'm looking forward to not only teaching fundamental skills in football but in life also.

Coach T - 9/10 Football Coach
11/12 Football Coach 
(314) 817-7793

Hello my name is Tevin Walker, also known as Coach T. I’m very relax and chill and love to have fun, but I like to handle my business as well. I’m 21 years old, I’ve played football at Christian Brothers College my position was Defensive Back. I look forward to coaching and being apart of this program.

Call Our Office Today

While STL Panthers is a youth-oriented organization, we also strive to develop and maintain relationships with parents. If you have questions about our sports programs, call our office today and a representative will be happy to assist you.